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  • "That key was learning to be authentic while networking and learning to share the true value of what I had to offer. I learned how to better communicate with my market and as such, gain clients from encounters with total strangers."

    – Melissa K. Verga
       Load Coordinator, QuikFund, Inc.

  • "Christine does an amazing job of keeping everyone on point while making it interesting. She knows who is in the group, what strengths they have, and how they can help other out. She can pull you forward to your goals without you realizing it. She makes it seem easy."

    – Janel Kalish
       Director of Wealth Management, Third Coast Advisors

  • "I can say that my network has grown by 50% as a result of connecting with Christine Smith. She is an amazing, energetic, connector and her coursework is thought provoking and has amazing value to those who attend her workshops."

    – Debra Darby
       Owner, Life of Darby

  • "In my short tenure at Wealth Advisory Group, Chrissy has taught me the art of networking. She helped me understand that every connection you make is about adding value to others, which will ultimately bring you value in return. Her unique perspective on networking makes the process both fun and rewarding. Her philosophy fosters a sense of community, with results in higher engagement and more quality introductions as a result!"

    – Kristen C. Doyle

  • "Christine is not only a unique and a special networker, but she is a unique and special person that pours everything into what she does for the individual she is working with. I can say in my pipeline currently I have over $150,000 worth of potential new business I am working on thanks to Christine."

    – Steve Blanchard
       Stored Technology Solution

  • "I am confident that my approach has changed the way I evaluate the process. One Takeaway is not to pitch person that you’re speaking with and sound different than the common technology response. The experience makes you rethink your point of reference and approach to handling networking, from the beginning of a conversation through the LinkedIn experience."

    – Michael Napodano
       PNJ Technology Partners

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